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WOMENS DANCEFIT (Monday, Thursday and Friday) Adult

These busy classes are for women of all ages and all abilities. The most popular class at the studio, this lesson ignites the pleasure of moving the body to music – classic music such as Elvis, Paul Simon, Sade and classical masterpieces. Many women come to more than one of these classes a week. The focus of the class is fitness, posture and cardio. We have a lot of fun learning simple routines and the music always drives the class along. We welcome women of all ages and abilities as the teaching ensures no one feels left behind - but you do have to be prepared to work hard as the class is going to demand you work internally to externally gaining strength in your core and deeper muscles.


BEGINNERS ARGENTINE TANGO (Mondays 7 – 8pm) 14+ 

This class invites you to step in to the addictive and mesmorising world of the original tango. Drawing on the concepts of the 1990's exploration that became NUEVO TANGO we explore creative ways to develop the steps and learn many of the intricate embellishments. You do not need a partner yet we also encourage friends - as in same- sex pairs as the dance encourages LEADER AND FOLLOWER rathern than male - female. It is a generous, logical dance that only requires passion and awareness of music, movement and shared weight to feel you are getting it!


BEGINNERS DANCEFIT (Tuesdays 6 – 7pm) Adult

This class will look after you if you just don’t feel brave enough to join the other Dance Fit classes. In this class we make sure that the number of participants is low, everyone feels secure and we chat and laugh our way through exercises; growing in confidence little by little. This is a supportive work-out introducing you to basic dance exercises, cardio combinations and sequences.


WOMEN DANCEFIT LATIN BEATS (Wednesdays 6.30 - 7.30pm) 14+ 

No partner needed for this lovely, lovely class. Each week we shimmy and stretch ourselves to glorious Latin beats. We infuse the steps of the Bachata, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Tango into our workout and we always get out of breath! It is a good mix of cardio and stretching plus learning traditional Latin steps that you can use with a partner if need be! A popular class!



A freeing class for children wanting to find out about the choreographically fused  side of dance. They get fit, learn dance techniques but also find out about Contemporary dance and it’s freeing attributes. Great for coordination, strength and flexibility.


WOMENS DANCEFIT (Monday, Thursday and Friday) Adult (as Monday description) 6.30- 7.30pm


CONTEMPORARY & JAZZ DANCE – Intermediate (Thursdays 7.30pm - 8.45pm) 14+ with experience

A class for those with a dance background. In this contemporary and jazz class, you will learn to move in a creative, freeing and graceful way, while also transforming your posture and balance and improving your fitness. You'll combine aspects of different techniques from jazz and contemporary history. This class builds up from simple steps and techniques to fully formed routines. It's fast and fun.


DANCING TOTS DANCE AND PLAY (Fridays 11am - 11.45am) 18 months +

A class for children not at school. This class embraces music and dance through storytelling and puppets. The parents and grandparents join in with the little ones together and we have a ball shaking ourselves to music, learning to express ourselves and get jiggy with all the funny puppets at the studio!


WOMEN'S DANCEFIT (Monday, Thursday and Friday) Adult (as Monday description) 12 noon - 1pm


SATURDAY THEATRE SCHOOL - 3 classes: 11am til 1pm (4+)  1pm til 3pm (10+) 3pm til 4.30pm

A very popular class. We give the children a chance to act, dance and sing and this a two hour session similar to Stage Coach but the focus is on improving self-esteem and making new friends. This class works towards a performance every term and a fruit snack is provided. There is also 3rd class for children that show commitment and flair.