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What is in place to ensure you are safe...

GingerFred has always thrived on being busy and buzzy...Sadly the busy bit is the last thing we need right now!

Here is what I am thinking:

- Please wait in your car (or at a distance if on foot) until your allocated dance lesson time.

- The door will be open anyway to allow as much air in as possible so please do not enter until I wave at you - this means the last class has exited via the rear door and I have sanitised.

- Once inside go straight to a chair along the front of the studio and change your shoes into either GRIPPY SOCKS, JAZZ SHOES, BALLROOM/TANGO SHOES (we cannot have bare feet)

- There will be three wall mounted sensory hand sanitisers - please use before and after class. 

- If in a private lesson we will just begin

- DanceFit: the floor will have markings to show you were to stand to ensure distance from each other and after established from the first lesson this will be your place!

- Should you choose to wear a mask that is up to may be rather hot! As of yet the government has not said for 'gyms' but I have ensured the distance with the floor markings.

- I will be washing MY hands before and after every session and not touching anyone

- Until further notice the toilets and kitchen area will not be available.

- Once the session of dancing is complete you will collect your shoes and EXIT through what was the gym to the car park and walk round the back of the foot clinic to the front again.

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